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WCF Configuration for Large Data

In one of our projects we had to transfer large data from the server to the client WPF application. In the beginning we had some performance issues. Therefore we decided to do some comparisons between ASP.NET Web API, WCF (with and without protobuf-net). The configuration: ASP.NET Web API WCF (Protobuf) WCF – Protobuf serializer –… Read More »

WCF basicHttpBinding and Https

Running a WCF service (svc) with basicHttpBinding and Https needs some configuration inside the web.config. First create a website for your service in IIS with a Https (port 443) binding. For this example, I created a test certificate with makecert.exe. Now develop your WCF service with default ABC-configuration (Binding = basicHttpBinding). Open the the service… Read More »

File download mit .NET

Es gibt zwei Varianten Files vom Internet zu kopieren. Hier die einfachere Variante: Die Methode “DownloadFile” holt sich das File und speichert es lokal ab. string strUrlPicture = “”; WebClient client = new WebClient(); client.DownloadFile(strUrlPicture, @”C:\logo.gif”); client.Dispose(); Die zweite Variante erlaubt etwas mehr Kontrolle. Das File wird zuerst in ein byte-Array geladen. string strUrlPicture =… Read More »