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First Time WCF Client Contracts = Nightmare!

In one of my projects (WPF, WCF) we are working with server and client side entities. Although the entities look very similar, we had some reasons to separate them: – Client side entities require more logic -> Implementation of INotifyPropertyChanged -> Implementation of IEditableObject -> Restore handling (When user cancels edit) All these functionalities were… Read More »

WPF MVVM – Model Change Tracking

I found the change tracking in WPF always a little bit painful, when working with simple POCOs without any change tracking context (for example ADO.NET EF). Therefore, I wrote a small library which simplifies the tracking. The Lib contains three interesting classes: EditableObject: Imlements the IEditableObject interfaces and handles the revert functionality and change tracking.… Read More »

WPF 3D Programming

WPF uses DirectX as its rendering engine. The framework allows much more than only 2D programming. Before we start with a simple 3D example, you should know some basics: 3D model A 3D model is an object that will be presented in your application. A model is defined by triangles. The triangles together build up… Read More »