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First Time WCF Client Contracts = Nightmare!

In one of my projects (WPF, WCF) we are working with server and client side entities. Although the entities look very similar, we had some reasons to separate them: – Client side entities require more logic -> Implementation of INotifyPropertyChanged -> Implementation of IEditableObject -> Restore handling (When user cancels edit) All these functionalities were… Read More »

Generating Files With Razor Engine

The Razor engine can be used outside of ASP.NET. Beside the cool syntax, it’s a very fast engine! And it’s quite easy to use. In my example I generate a XML file based on a razor template. (You have to install the NuGet package “RazorEngine”. This is my model which I use for the rendering:… Read More »

Demistifying async/await

Microsoft introduced new keywords in C# 5.0 for asynchronous programming. Before C# 5.0 async. programming was only possible with .NET Framework classes. Now it’s implemented in the C# language itself. Here is a simple demo which shows how the keywords can be used. public async Task<string> DownloadFromWeb() { var client = new HttpClient(); return await… Read More »

Swap Your WebHost With OWIN / Katana

The OWIN (Open Web Interface for .NET) specification defines how to decouple web applications from the web server. Detailed information you can get here: http://owin.org Because it’s specification, you won’t find any applications or libraries. One of the concret impelmentations of OWIN is called Katana. Katana is developed by Microsoft and the Community. The code… Read More »

WPF MVVM – Model Change Tracking

I found the change tracking in WPF always a little bit painful, when working with simple POCOs without any change tracking context (for example ADO.NET EF). Therefore, I wrote a small library which simplifies the tracking. The Lib contains three interesting classes: EditableObject: Imlements the IEditableObject interfaces and handles the revert functionality and change tracking.… Read More »

Next Generation Web With ASP.NET MVC, Knockout.js, SignalR, NServiceBus

Most of the websites that we know today, show a similar architecture: – The Client (Browser) request a specific page. – The Server handles the request and returns the result. – The result is displayed on the Browser. – From here the content of the site remains “static”. That means: If the user wants to… Read More »

ASP.NET MVC Conversational Session

I’m proudly presenting you my first self-made NuGet package. 🙂 NuGet: ASP.NET MVC Conversational Session (Nuget) GitHub: ASP.NET MVC Conversational Session (GitHub) I’ve created a small extension for ASP.NET MVC which simplifies the session handling in tabbed browsing scenarios. The extension ensures, that your session data won’t be overwritten. For example: Page 1: Contains a… Read More »