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Swap Your WebHost With OWIN / Katana

The OWIN (Open Web Interface for .NET) specification defines how to decouple web applications from the web server. Detailed information you can get here: http://owin.org Because it’s specification, you won’t find any applications or libraries. One of the concret impelmentations of OWIN is called Katana. Katana is developed by Microsoft and the Community. The code… Read More »

ASP.NET MVC Conversational Session

I’m proudly presenting you my first self-made NuGet package. 🙂 NuGet: ASP.NET MVC Conversational Session (Nuget) GitHub: ASP.NET MVC Conversational Session (GitHub) I’ve created a small extension for ASP.NET MVC which simplifies the session handling in tabbed browsing scenarios. The extension ensures, that your session data won’t be overwritten. For example: Page 1: Contains a… Read More »