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The new ASP.NET MVC Razor view engine is pretty cool. 🙂 Here are some examples: Namespaces: @using MyProject.Entities Define model type: @using MyProject.Entities @model User Create functions: @functions { public string GetSomething(User usr) { return usr.Name; } } Templating: // In your template <html> … @RenderSection(“MyContent”, true) // true = required <br /> @RenderSection(“MyFooter”, false)… Read More »

WPF 3D Programming

WPF uses DirectX as its rendering engine. The framework allows much more than only 2D programming. Before we start with a simple 3D example, you should know some basics: 3D model A 3D model is an object that will be presented in your application. A model is defined by triangles. The triangles together build up… Read More »

WCF basicHttpBinding and Https

Running a WCF service (svc) with basicHttpBinding and Https needs some configuration inside the web.config. First create a website for your service in IIS with a Https (port 443) binding. For this example, I created a test certificate with makecert.exe. Now develop your WCF service with default ABC-configuration (Binding = basicHttpBinding). Open the the service… Read More »

SQL Server and “M”

I found an interesting link about the feature of SQL Server: Microsoft will release a new language called “M”. Link: Update on SQL Server Modeling CTP (Repository/Modeling Services, “Quadrant” and “M”)

Dynamic IIS hosted WCF Service

For hosting WCF Services in IIS you usually need a .svc file. This File exposes your Service. With ASP.NET virtual Paths you have the opportunity to load your service without a .svc file. You can put the WCF Service inside a DLL without adding a reference to the ASP.NET WebApp. Implementation: – Create a Class… Read More »

Architecture validation with Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate

The new version of Visual Studio (Ultimate) brings a lot of new architecture features with it. It allows you to create UML sequence diagrams from extisting code. Or it visualizes the most important components in your application. This visualizations are very helpful when you have to modificate/extend an existing project written by other developers. Here… Read More »