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Entity Framework ‘Code First’ Approach and Domain-Driven Design

With the Code First approach we can create clean entities without any EF specific code. After the first demo, I saw that you have to deal with the IDbSet interface, which is placed in the Entity Framework library. When you place the entities in your business dll you have to reference the EF library. This… Read More »

Using A Document Database – RavenDB

RavenDB is a document database. The main difference between RavenDB and a relational database is, that RavenDB doesn’t support relation between the rows/entities/documents. A document contains structural data, which is stored in JSON format. This is a quickstart into RavenDB: Step 1 – Database: Create a new database. This DB doesn’t contain any structure. It’s… Read More »

Easier Programming With Dynamic Data Type .NET 4.0

When you deal with very dynamic dictionaries, you have always to check if the data exists before accessing it. This can blow up your code. With the dynamic data type (.NET 4.0) you can do this a little bit more elegant. Example: Here are my data classes. You see that the Person class has a… Read More »

Aspect-oriented programming (AOP) with Spring.NET

The motivation of aspect-oriented programming is to separate program logic. Application can be devided in two concerns. 1. Core: Contains the program/business logic like calculation etc. 2. System: Contains system specific processes like logging. In this example, I show you how to implement a AOP based logger. Logging is something you need very often. But… Read More »